The best creative moment of the week

19 March 2016

my creative space, 12th March

On my craft table, 12th of March

There is aways a day in a week that I feel the most creative. Most of the time I create during Daniel’s nap time when the home is quiet, a cup of tea is made and toys are put away until the afternoon…. I sit down with my tea and a notebook, review my to do list, inhale and exhale to let ago of the morning rush. In that moment I connect with my creative spirit and start making. I love organising my orders and creations for the shop into groups, it’s more fun this way. 

In the last 7 days the best creative day fell on 12th of March. That Saturday my mum took Daniel for a long walk after his nap so I had an extra long time to get things done so I put together a hair clips production line. I had some hair clips to make for a customer and I needed sets for a promotional campaign. That day I felt so creative, cutting out strawberries and watermelons, stitching them and attaching them onto a hair clip…

hair clips

That was my favourite creative moment of the week and I cannot wait to see what the next week will bring!

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What Plushka's customers say.....

I received my beautiful crochet blanket, and the colours are perfect for the nursery! Beautifully made.

Kara M.

I loved my purchase from Plushka, (and am a return customer!) The delivery is fast and always wrapped nicely – such a nice surprise to open. My crocheted baskets are so lovely and take pride of place in my home. 😉