Interview with a fellow Mama Maker – Mim, sewinthemoment

01 April 2016

I discovered Mim’s beautiful shop back in 2014 on Etsy and since then have been enjoying following her creative journey. It is such a delight to see her little cuties every day on Instagram and meet the new ones as they are born. Mim’s attention to detail and skilful craftsmanship amazes me every time. I am so excited to share this interview with you, a little insight into the life of the talented maker behind sewinthemoment.

Mim in the studio sewing a penguinIn a few sentences, please tell us about Sewinthemoment and your family: 

I am the wife of a very supportive husband and mother of two terrific teenagers. We are local to Sydney and love living in this gorgeous city. Sewinthemoment is all about sock dolls. I find socks the most exciting medium to work with. My passion is help others to create their own cuties and fall in love with the craft of making sock dolls. I write Sewinthemoment Patterns so that they empower people of all sewing levels to be able to create their own cuties.

What do you love the most about being a designer and maker? 

I love that I can use such simple materials to can create gorgeous companions that come alive in my hands. Each sock doll comes with its own story. That is because each one is different. They all come to life with ideas, attitudes and personality that speaks to me. I have been called the Sock Doll Whisperer on more than one occasion. I really feel that I am living my dream.

All your beautiful sock dolls have a story, do you remember your first sock doll creation, did it have a story? 
The stories for each cutie have certainly developed with time. In the beginning I didn’t name my dolls. I felt that was the prerogative of the recipient. I do remember my first doll. She still lives with me. I have kept a basket full of dolls, they are mostly prototypes of new designs or are special to me in some way.Marilla the Mouse

We, creatives, struggle to find the work-family balance, do you have an advise on managing business and family?

Family always comes first. I am blessed with a family who support me and I work hard at supporting them too. I work best with schedules and am blessed to do planned and spontaneous work equally well. I play to my strengths and look for support in my weaker areas. In business, my first priority is customer satisfaction. That means I strive to communicate well with each customer. Communication with realistic time frames and information about my process lets the customer know what they can expect from me. I set up boundaries and try very hard to reduce stress. And lastly, I live by my name and “sew in the moment”. I take sewing with me for those minutes where I am required to wait. It is surprising how much can be sewn in the wait at school pickup.

Miss Audrey the Hippo

Do you mainly sell your doll socks and patterns on Etsy or Instagram, what works best for you? 
I certainly find most of my customers via IG. I sell ready-to-ship dolls via my shop and I use my Etsy shop to sell all of my patterns.

What do you look forward to in the next month? 
In the next month I am looking forward to some cool Autumn weather. Autumn is my favourite season. I love sitting and sewing by the fire.

You can meet Mim’s cuties over on Instagram, come by and say hi, they’d love that!

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