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    Nursery decor: crochet flowers and feathers, new design

    posted on the 21 June 2016

    I am so excited to show you my new creation – flowers and feathers wall decoration. Designing this hanging brought me so much enjoyment, from searching for a perfect twig on our walks with little Mr D to combining different textures. Silky crochet flowers, felt and rough texture of the wood, combined together in this… read more »

    Shop in June and Win $50 store voucher!

    posted on the 02 June 2016

    I love winter and so excited that this wonderful season is here! Crisp air, warm jumpers, bright scarves and snuggly blankets are just a few of my favourite things. To celebrate June, I thought it would be fun to have an exciting and exclusive giveaway for all of my lovely customers & subscribers. I am… read more »

    Plushka’s new branding is on it’s way!

    posted on the 16 May 2016

    It’s exciting times for my little handmade business as I am embarking on a re-branding adventure. The look and name are changing but it is still me, one creative mummy, behind it. As my life has changed (becoming a mum is such a powerful thing!) so did the way I create and how I see the world… read more »